November has just started!!!  Speckled trout fishing has been on fire here in eastern North Carolina around Wilmington.  In Pamlico County the big bucks have been showing their heads the past two weeks regularly.  The big bears have been on every stand throughout the farm. And the ducks are here and stacking up more and more as we get close to the regular mid season opening day.  We are so excited at Green Creek for such a great start to the season.  We are also pumped and getting final touches on our fleet of scissor rigs, fresh pines cut, and our new FowlFooler decoys rigged and ready for our duck season getting ready to start in 2 weeks.  We still have plenty of slots open for mid, and late season hunting for ducks on the Pamlico Sound by scissor rig.   Deer, bear, and don’t forget about our quail preserve, all located just outside Oriental, NC in Pamlico county.  Weather has been pretty wet, but that hasn’t stopped us from having the best fall ever. Looks like a much needed cool down on tap for next week as the rut will peak with this cold snap.  We do last minute hunts for deer, bear, and ducks.  Archery, and gun hunting for Eastern Black Bears during the short BAIT season available as well in November only!!!





Call us for reservations as we are filling up fast this year.