With the warm temps we have been having since the late split opened its been marginal duck hunting at best.  Only 2 days of cool weather but the 2 days brought down plenty of bluebills and some redheads.   Puddle ducks are here in good numbers but have not been moving due to the hot temps.  With next weeks lows being in the 30’s we are looking forward to some weather that will be good for killing some ducks.  We have plenty of openings for groups of 2-4 hunters.  We offer 3 scissor rig hunts daily so we can accommodate up to 12 hunters daily as well as sleeping arrangements and meals.  Don’t wait for the weather to get good as you may miss the entire season this year.  All our hunting takes place on the Pamlico Sound and locations change daily as do the flight patters and wind directions.  Spaces are limited and we are booking daily now.